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Er werd een Python/Django Developer gevraagd...15 februari 2023

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i used dictionary for storing letters and frequency and comparing it with other dictionary. Minder


Is that recommended using the approach you have used in this project. Instead of spreading the payload in different model, why don't you just stored everything in one model field?

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I've chosen this approach because it looks more intuitive and dynamic. To take advantage of all DRF functionalities such as filtering etc... Minder


Questions about the task given.


How many database relationships are there and how to implement it in sql?


1. HR called for the interview. 2.technical interview about arrays, problem solving, stacks, queues, copying in memory, most repeating elements in arrays, second max elements in an array. 3.manager round one coding problem about binary search 4.HR round


Basic questions regarding the resume


What was the biggest challenge you ever faced?

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Explain django architecture Explain about your projects Do u know rest framework Explain concept of serialization

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experiencia con proveedores experiencia general preguntas en llamada

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respuestas generales

Sankey Solutions

About Class SQL Database Python Django

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