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How to test new API's, what is a class, what is my idea of quality and how to apply it in the daily routin, how do I test a class in java and in c++, what is a standard structure of a java program. and other technical question which I don't remember.

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Answered to all questions, but I was lacking some technical aspect.

In which way I could contribute to the team to deliver high quality software to the client

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Questions on ISTQB methodologies Questions about my previous projects Biggest accomplishment

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They give 4 user stories and ask these questions Sales want to release the app in the UK within the next 3 days, but the graph functionality needs to be a part of this release. It will take the team 2 days to finish the functionality. 1) How would you handle this? Please describe the steps you would take. 2) Can you guarantee a minimum level of quality? And please describe how. 3) Can you show which test techniques you would use for a single user story.

General questions about the past experience

Talk to us about the process in your previous company

Do you have any hands on experience with automation? Can you describe the process of Agile testing? First checks/tests are done manually, then prepare automation test cases? In which level as a tester do you consider yourself (junior/medior/senior)?

How do you handle a situation where sprint goals will not be met?

Write a list of test cases for a crud API

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