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Palantir Technologies
Er werd een QA Engineer Intern gevraagd...14 april 2012

How would you test a blender?

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No. The goal is to test your testing methodology, general knowledge and creativity. You have to be able to both structure your answer ("First, I'd do a quick smoke test to see if nothing fails catastrophically; second, I'd check this an this to see if specs have been respected; now that we established it works fine under normal circumstances, let's test edge cases etc. As a bonus, we can finally run some usability/ergonomy tests...") and be able to think of creative cases on the spot ("how does it fare if you plug it into an outlet with a different voltage?"). Basically, they want to know how you think when you approach a testing problem. Taking it like a dumb question ("er.... turn it on and see if it works") is probably the worst answer you can give. Minder

To add on what I just wrote: knowing about testing terminology helps making it look like you know what you're talking about. Terms include: smoke test, black vs. white box testing, unit testing, edge case testing, etc. You can learn about these by going on the Wikipedia page for any of these terms then clicking on the hyperlinks. Minder

Will it blend?

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Palantir Technologies

Most of the questions were things like, "You work for a company that manufactures blenders. How do you test this blender?" They're basically looking for you to consider every possible angle in which you would test this product-- Who's the user, what's your company's warranty, how does it handle standard products, how well does it make a milkshake, how does it handle rocks if you put them in there, should it handle rocks, etc. They also asked me to test an office printer, an ATM machine, and a web browser. The coding questions I was asked were things like, "Given an unsorted array with n elements where every element except for one is duplicated in the array, how do you find the unique element?"

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For finding the unique element, I said I'd traverse the array and add a value of 1 into a hashmap (with the element as the key) as I encountered them. If any element I encountered in the array already appeared in the hashmap, I would increment the value by 1. The only element with a value of 1 would be the singleton. Minder

You can xor every element of the array together with 0, the remaining element is the unduplicated one. O(n) time, O(1) space. Minder


Was asked to program quick-sort in Java.

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void QuickSort(int[] arr, int low, int high) { while (low < high) { int pivot = (low+high)/2; int partition = Partition(arr, low, high, pivot); QuickSort(arr, low, partition); QuickSort(arr, partition+1, high); } } void Partition(int[] arr, int low, int high, int pivot) { // take pivot element to end swap(arr[pivot], arr[high]); int pivotElement = arr[high]; int finalPosition = 0; for (int i = low; i < high - 1; ++i) { if (arr[i] < pivotElement) { swap(arr[i],arr[finalPosition]); finalPosition++; } } // put pivot element in its "final position" swap(arr[finalPosition],arr[high-1]); } Minder


why this position suits you

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Think of a way that only allow user to create a subclass and no parent class instance allowed, without using abstract class.

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Using interface?

Palantir Technologies

You have an unlimited amount of eggs at a 100 story building. Explain how you would find the lowest floor an egg can drop from without breaking using the least amount of testing eggs possible.

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only 1 egg is needed. starting from the 2nd floor and try go up one by one.


I do not remember on right now.

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They had a question about a design project that I had worked on during my undergraduate. They were wondering what I did to optimize the design but they intentionally did not mention "optimize" in any format to see if I i would bring it up.

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I was answering their questions but initially did not fully understand what they were asking. Eventually I explained what I did to optimize the design and then they stated that was what they were looking for, but did not want to explicitly ask me. Minder

Zimmer Biomet

Why do you want to work here?

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Want to design, build, and create medical devices.

Nature’s Bounty

What is your experience with quality assurance?

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