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Samaritan Daytop Village
Er werd een Quality Improvement Specialist gevraagd...31 maart 2022

What would you do if you had to break a rule for the betterment of a clients case? If your supervisor instructed you to perform a task that wasn't mentioned in job task how would you respond? If a client was unreachable via phone , email and family members , what would be your next option?

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Go above and beyond for my client and deal with the consequences later. i would email supervisor and state my concern with the added task . I would visits my clients home with continued communication with supervisor. Minder

I don't break rules rules are made to be followed If my supervisor asks me to do a task that wasn't discuss in my job description I believe I will still do it To call the police Minder

Client best interest is always important, however it would be in everyone’s best interests to contact a supervisor, before making a judgment call ,therefore you are not jeopardizing the client nor yourself. Minder

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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Some people are resistant to new quality improvement efforts because of the perception of failure in the past. How do you get them interested in trying again?

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Physicians do not like to get a "B", which they see as a failing grade. If an improvement effort does not entirely cure the problem, it can be perceived as a total failure. All past improvement teams have at least one success, even if they do not recall it right away. Try to dig for past positive experiences as you work to gain trust on a personal level. Remind them of the "bad old days" before their past improvement effort. Remind them how that success is still be ing carried forward. Minder

"Failure" is perhaps the best opportunity we have to learn, and those who are aware enough to take the lessons from a"failure" and teach us have priceless knowledge to offer us-- of what did not work. These are folks who have taken the risk, tried and failed, and have the potential to lead us in an improved way because of failure. I would get these folks interested by humbly asking them to be teachers to others of what they now know... no one but those who have tried and failed have that particular gift. Minder

Chicago Transit Authority

A report is due the next day you don't have all the info that's required

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Stay at work till i get the report done

UT Health San Antonio

What is the difference between leading and managing?

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Managing is when you delegate tasks, leading is when you have the ability to influence and motivate a group to contribute to that task. Minder


What makes you a top candidate for this position?

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I answered it with confidence

Child & Family Center

Tell me about a time where you handled multiple projects with varying deadlines. How did you prioritize? If given a task to take over the program accreditation and the deadline for submission is in 1 month, what would you do?

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Just watch out if the CEO happens to join the panel interview.

Nature's Path

The unexpected question is when the owner of the company called my cell phone offering me another job position....I was interview for QA lead but end up taking Continuous Improvement Supervisor position. I get to set my own hours and implement some changes and improvement to the plant. I took the position and lest than 1 week i was offered the position with a grrrrreeeeeaaaaat pay. To add, i knew the QA Manager from my old job because she was the one you hired me 4yrs ago...so that was a lead way for me.

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I was told I was asking for a salary band that was outside the offer scale - what salary would I accept if offered the posisition. (this put me in a spot) I was not asking for more - just to meet my current salary.

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I told them a salary ~ 10k less than my desired - :-(

Analog Devices

Tell us a story about yourself?

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I shared a past challenge, how I dealt with it, the business result and how the employees got involved and supported the company initiative Minder

VNS Health

Are you familiar with Excel?

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