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RemX Specialty Staffing
Er werd een Medical Records Clerk gevraagd...14 mei 2022

Am I comfortable with the hours

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DM Dickason

What kind of job are you seeking?

2 antwoorden

Medical records, clerical, data entry.

I am looking for a job as a certified phlebotomy technician

NorthShore Health Centers

Are you willing to take a drug test?

2 antwoorden

Yes, I can pass a drug test.


Child Guidance and Family Solutions

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

2 antwoorden

More successful than my current status.

Getting hit on by a supervisor if your still here

LifePoint Health

We only pay 8.50 an hour for this position, is that ok?

2 antwoorden

There's not many opportunities in our area. I guess it has to be for now.

Yes,that is reasonable pay in the area I live in.

Wellstar Health System

Why did you wanted to be part of this team?

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I would like to work with variety people and it was good to teach other to learn how to work with deaf worker everyday Minder

I would like to work with variety people and it was good to teach other to learn how to work with deaf worker everyday. Minder

Canon Business Process Services

Why are you worth more money? Why were you out of work? Do you have kids? Do you want kids?

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I think that asking if you have/ want kids is illegal...

It is totally illegal but that did not stop them at all!!!

Savannah River Remediation

Did not receive the chance to interview.

2 antwoorden

Did not receive the chance to interview.

Most of there postings are fake. After they tell you they are not interested they will turn the position over to a 2nd party recruter. That way they can hire temp to perminant. Minder


Tell us the skills you have?

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I have good communication and that is my training as a Health Records clerk. Patients are Kings and queens. Coding and indexing, I am a good motivator, a team worker Minder

Good communication skills, good listener, I am a people's person

Legal Monkeys

How would you go about speeding up the medical records collection process?

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I would observe the current process in place, so I can figure out what's slowing the process down and then develop a streamlined process to speed the process up. Minder

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