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Er werd een Regional Accountant gevraagd...20 maart 2018

what are your strengths?

2 antwoorden

I believe in my self and my hard work is my strength



why do you want to work in OYO?

2 antwoorden

Operations manager

Now a days oyo is a growing company i need to be a part of oyo home because i love to work in oyo Minder

Danish Refugee Council

Values and experience in past job

1 antwoorden

I worked in a function similar to the one i was picked for

UniTek Global Services

How does my previous role falls into what we are looking for?

1 antwoorden

My previous experience dealing with Project Managers in their financial challenges, needs or queries will allow me assist in the same capacity with the field operators. Minder

Rubicon Technology

what is your experience

1 antwoorden

very experience


Any update on your CV?

1 antwoorden

No, I am finding new job now after completing full time MBA in UK.

TK Elevator

Technical conversation and talking about future plans

1 antwoorden

Easy open discussion and good plans

The Salvation Army

Why are you interested in this position?

1 antwoorden

I was interested in using my Accounting education and working for a agency that helps those less fortunate. Minder


If I would like to grow with the Company at some point? Where do I see myself in 5 years?

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I expressed interest in growth and that was very well received. The management team was extremely encouraging of the idea. Minder

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