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Healthcare Management Solutions
Er werd een Regional Facilities Manager gevraagd...6 september 2019

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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In five years, I see myself being a go to person for a healthcare organization, for all EOC, Security, and Life safety issues. , Minder


To qualify myself for the role

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Explained previous experiences internationally and detailed exposure to various facets of the job description Minder

The Cheesecake Factory

Typical questions specific to the position, no difficult or situational interviewing. Basically just confirming experience.

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The interview is your time to interject anything you think they might be trying to figure out by asking you the questions they are asking. For example they asked me a series of questions about how I maintain my facility so I recapped by explaining what I felt were the similarities overall and also explained what I knew to be different and would be handled diffrerently at their company. Minder


Team building and financials

Trinity Property Consultants

I was asked every possible question.


Tell me about yourself.

Ministry of Justice UK

Give examples of how you handled a difficult situation


Develop a complete maintenance plan (with checklists and procedures) for the *REDACTED* system of a X,XXX square feet facility in which X kitchens operate. As they were so secretive, even though I was never asked to sign an NDA, I would rather keep the specifics vague enough.


Why should we hire you?


Do you have experience with glide path?

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