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Er werd een Regional Human Resources/OD Business Partner gevraagd...5 augustus 2016

What would you describe as the biggest challenge faced by Country HR Managers in raising the profile of HR/OD to a level that it is recognized by Country Directors and how would you work towards surmounting this challenge.

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Answer: Challenges 1. The focus by country HR Managers on operational rather than strategic HR 2. The clamoring for space to be heard by country HR Managers 3. Failure to prove relevant to the context and difficulty proving value addition. How would i work towards surmounting these challenges 1. Begin to set them targets and focus them on strategic HR business partnering in-country 2. Demonstrate to them that results create space for recognition in senior management. Help them understand what key information and decision-support requirements their CEOs have 3. Continually enabling them become relevant to their countries by supporting a supply-driven information sharing mechanism through publication of HR newsletters, HR Briefs for senior management and HR Risk assessments. Minder

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What have I don't to qualify for this position

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Schooling, life experience, and previous employment


Describe a time when you have had conflict with a stakeholder


How do you establish the relationship with your stakeholders?


Walk me through your work experience.


What will you miss the most about your current job?

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Please describe your HR experience.


All questions that were asked are behavior based and related to the amazon leadership principals

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