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Er werd een Regional Director of Operations gevraagd...15 mei 2014

How much control do you need or expect?

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If you hire the right people, provide clear and concise targets, coach and develop for success and hold people accountable, your need for control should be minimal. I prefer to empower my people. Which is lot more hard work in the beginning, but a lot easier further down the road. Minder

That would depend on the collaboration of the teams I'm working with and their skill sets. Minder

Morrison Healthcare

Why do you think you would make a great fit?

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I am just as passionate about service patients and delighting them with amazing and healthy food as the rest of the company is. Minder

D4C Dental Brands

Do I have out of state experience

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SaVida Health

Asked the usual slate of interview questions.

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Open and honestly!

Hackbarth Delivery Service

Have you ever managed IC's, or home delivery?

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Questions can very based on the interview style of the person. Best advice is to know the brand you are interviewing for and why you want to work there. If you have inside knowledge of the "tribal language" it does you well. Be very energetic as they feed off of your energy

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Most questions are based on a SBO format. Situation, Behavior, Outcome

Window Nation

Why do you want to work for Window Nation?

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I have the personality and core values that fit the company. I have the leadership, skills sets and am results driven individual to make the people around me better. I can see where my experience will benefit Window Nation ,and because it will, I am certain I will benefit professionally, personally and financially. Minder


Salary Requirements

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I gave a range, from $125,000 to $200,000


They don't ask many questions. Again very unprofessional and more concerned with how cheap they can pay you or who you know in the industry. The nurse just complained about how disorganized they were and ask why I wanted to work for Enlivant. She even said she was just waiting for a better opportunity. Said she had been with the company 5 months and had 3 different bosses.

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I just smiled and said I was anxious to work with a company who was starting to build again. I tried to remain positive but she just kept on with the negatives Minder


How do react with a subordinate is found going against policy?

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Review with individual of what policy is pertaining to the situation. Point out their actions and review of what should be taken place Minder

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