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Er werd een Regional Operation Manager gevraagd...7 juli 2012

your name

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Masroor Amjad

BBA(hons) specalizaion in finance i need a job and intrested in silkbank

What will you do to make a difference?

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I will assess the environment, identify areas of development within the organization that are within my mandate, create practical solutions and influence opportunities for implementation of those solutions. Minder

How would i know? I have not been there, have not met the people and dont know the circumstances Minder

If was interested in relocating to manage a new project in a different state.

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The role was interesting and challenging. So I did agree

What do you feel this position should pay?

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Top Dollar

Gave me process to set up a branch in one location.

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briefed with the complete lay out plan in setting up a requirement and tasks involved. Minder

Chola MS General Insurance Company

How will you control TAT? How many policies will you issue in a day? How many endorsements will you process in a day? How will you motivate your team for same day completion of work?

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By delegating of power & distribution of proper work among my team. It helps me a lot & by doing this my region achieved under PAN India top 5 from 16th position. Minder

Beacon Health Options

A project you managed that met its goals, budget, and timeline. A project you managed that did NOT meet goals, budget or timeline.

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Shared one of the projects I was most proud of, which was multipronged and returned better results than anticipated (beyond goals set). Minder


What makes you a good fit for a start-up culture?

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Being flexible, consistent and open to working when needed to get the job done

J&L Ventures

What was I looking for out of Beverage South.

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A great culture and working environment.

HomeServe UK

Tell me about your work history

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Full explanation of my cc

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