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Er werd een Regional Manager gevraagd...20 maart 2012

How you feel your success in this time application?

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I believe my qualification fits with the company's requirement and moreover, I expect to contribute more on other areas thanks to my further education. Minder



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Gates Corporation

What is your current Profile?

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Immediate joiner

Regional sales manager

How fast you can join?

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Schneider Electric

The hiring manager basically said "our ideal candidate is someone with years of experience but we can't get that candidate - no one who is successful in the business is going to leave $100K in owed commissions behind to change companies" Basically - We can't have who we want so we have dragged you in - you might do.

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in my opinion the money comes after we have the first to n build rules and develop our company then we will earn much money Minder

Must be your lucky day then! :)

How do you respond to a statement like that?

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Radisson Hotels Americas

Tell me why you are the right person for this job?

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Yes' I'm working good job

I hope your give me this Job

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Why you want to change your current Job?

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Obviously i want to work with the best in class

Want to change, experience to new atmosphere, salary hike, better opportunity

Bush Brothers & Company

Explain a time when you needed to convince a large group to take action on your idea.

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Working for a larger company and having an idea that you feel will benefit the business, will take longer to move through the process of vetting the opportunities or identifying any unwanted exposures, etc. But so necessary today to properly forecast costs, any capital expenditures and deal with all road blocks internally for a smooth transition. Having owned smaller companies in the past, these decisions were much faster which isn’t necessarily a good thing. As far as how to demonstrate the value. I have no problem providing all information required to make a sound decision by the executives and have been very successful at it. But if you were not aware of the good Ole’ boy network within the organization. You have had your head in the sand. If I find this with any company I choose to work for, I would immediately resign and run. There are far better companies out there that welcome new and fresh ideas. Minder

This is a lead in to getting to understand your thoughts on collaboration. EVERY major and many minor decisions made at Bush go through a thorough collaboration process with plenty of meetings. Quick decisive action is a rarity. If you aren't a patient person, the process will frustrate you. Minder

This question speaks to your ability to influence others and how to demonstrate value. Ideally, one must consider the audience and how to present information so they see value and understand the benefit. In reality, support for even great ideas at Bush Brothers is more about who you know, how connected you are to a small circle of good ol’ boys and amount of time you can spend behind closed doors individually convincing them to pay attention to anything new. Minder

Schneider Electric

Related to role and challenged I forsee and how would I tackle such issues

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Seems the person they finally hired left within 3 months. Speaks how the team is--I feel lucky that the role wasnt offered to me. Good luck to the new person accepting this role. Minder

Role just opened again, anybody applying please do their due diligence unless you are desperate. In my opinion the leadership is questionable here. Minder

Role is open again. good the last person survived 7 months

Give me a snapshot of who you are.

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My snapshot is always personal. Self and family values. What gets me out of bed. If I am stopped because he want more information about my business ethic. My response is direct. Have you not spent any time reading my resume? (Politely) And follow up with, i feel my resume has equipped you with as much information as possible for you to ask me any question in regards to my business ethics and how I drive sales. I have been in this industry for over 35 years with a sound track record exceeding all goals. And it is all there with back up. I am hoping we are here to discuss this. But the snapshot of who I am has nothing to do with business, but rather a great husband, father and a very fair and ethical human being. I am very careful making sure my employer or future employer knows that having been in the industry for as many years as I have been, I can help grow a business without the business demanding a tremendous amount of hours that interferes with what is most important to me, and that’s quality time with my family. Who ever I work for will always get 200% Minder

It's the "Tell me about yourself question." I answered with my strengths and personal characteristics--punctual, driven, etc. Minder

Snapshot??? Go to my LinkedIn profile or my FB page if you want to see a snapshot of who I am; I'll also be happy to email or text you a snapshot! Gezz, what a stupid question! Minder


what will be the expected sales if we hire you?

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Hi it depends on the product/services and the market analysis Without getting into a business it's impossible to predict However sales will be always higher than previous one. Minder

As pre company norms

I feel one should be very honest while giving an answer.


Would you have a problem signing a non-compete. First off it will be a yes- they are selling SEO no intellectual property. Then he was telling me his story of being sued by a previous employer for Non compete. I did let him know at the interview I was not interested. They are a small company and want to use my connections and then tell me I cant sell them again because of non-compete.

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I would never sign a non-compete- I wish the HR would have called to ask about the interview thumbs down for this company. Minder

First off, I am sorry that you had a bad interview experience with us, and we certainly appreciate your response so that we can change things moving forward. I did want to mention that we are actually selling PPC/SEM. SEO is not something we do. Also, anyone going to a company in a sales capacity has to sign a non-compete. I have been recruiting for sales for over 15 years, and even have had to sign non-competes myself. I can't remember one place that I worked that I didn't have to sign one. Best of luck to you in your career search. Minder

Defensive answer from HR is typical immature attitude from Netsertive when challenged. Netsertive is one of dozens of Google PPC resellers, only differentiated by their extremely narrow market focus and connections with retailer buying groups. Churn and burn for Regional Sales Managers is 3-6 months, when you've exhausted your contact list and no one is interested. My non-compete clause basically would have prohibited me from working in my field anywhere in the region. Do you really think the approximately 50 - 75 or so Sales Reps who have moved on from Netsertive are not working in Internet Sales? Good luck with enforcement, Netsertive! Minder

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