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BC Children's Hospital
Er werd een Registered Psychiatric Nurse gevraagd...19 juni 2019

There are 2 boys on the unit, physically and verbally fighting over a toy they want to play with. One of them has autism. What would you do?

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De-escalate the situation Separate the two boys Listen to both sides of story Educate and encourage sharing Know how to handle aggressive behaviour Minder

Thomas Jefferson University

Q: What did you do best that your manager noticed

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I completed all Care Plans and admissions on a shift

Care New England

I was asked if I had any concerns and/or if I felt comfortable interacting with patients that may have drug or alcohol intoxication that could potentially be difficult to handle.

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I explained that with my previous experience and job description, that I interacted with these patients on a daily basis and that I felt very competent in situations that can be tensions or escalate knowing the appropriate treatment measures, ie; medication administration regime. Minder

BC Children's Hospital

What would you do if you noticed someone cutting themselves with a knife?

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Ask them to hand you the knife Clean self harm wounds Call psychiatrist Administer PRN if needed Check in with patient/talk about what triggered that action Make a safety plan afterwards Minder

Vancouver Island Health Authority

Do you know about Dementia, COPD and other diseases people in long term care have?

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All I said was yes and wasn’t asked to elaborate.


Questions consisted of topics such as working as a team, conflict management in the workplace, how to deal with change in the workplace regarding policies and procedures.

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Follow SOPs, managing conflict at the lowest level prior to using Chain of command, and reporting incidents immediately. Minder

Aurora Behavioral Health Care

How would I respond in a crisiis situation, where the patient exhibits aggressive behavior?

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First I would call for help, ensuring safety measures to my staff and patients.

BC Children's Hospital

How would you handle a boy with schizophrenia who is hallucinating/screaming on the unit?

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De escalate pt - understand what they are hallucinating abt and verbally de-escalate Ask other ppl to clear area - keeps pt and others safe Give PRN Call psychiatrist May need to call code white or use restraints if aggressive behaviour occurs Minder

Fremont Hospital

Why psych nursing is important?

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Personal interest and background, enjoy helping.

Jersey City Medical Center

What can you bring to the unit?

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My compassion for psychiatric health

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