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Er werd een Release Engineer gevraagd...29 maart 2011

How would you list all the files newer than yesterday?

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if files are all inside the arraylist/linked list called 'files' then: while(files.hasNext()) { file =; long fileDate = file.getDateofCreation(); long currentDate = system.getCurrentDate(); long diff = currentDate - fileDate; long yesterday = currentDate - (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000); //yesterday in milliseconds hrs * min * secs if ( diff > yesterday) selectTheFile(file); else dicardTheFile(file); } Minder

If you are in the directory that has all the files you wanna sort, I believe there's a unix command to use: find -maxdepth 1 -type f -mtime 1 Minder

find . -mtime -1

Motorola Mobility

What do you know about branching strategies?

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Branching by feature: code release from trunk; branching by release: release directly from branch Minder

Allmost all version control system today support branching . It basically independent line of work that stem from one central code base. Minder

I was new to Git and didnt know much about strategies with branching.

Valve Corporation

Implement a function in C to draw a circle using the single point drawing function drawPt(x,y).

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Not a hard question, just don't take it at face value. They're looking for efficient elegant code. Remember that you don't have to compute every point in the circle, just 1/8th of the arc and then permutate those coordinates across (+/-x, +/-y) and (+/-y, +/-x). Use Pythagorean's theorem to generate the y coord from the x coord but also remember that the radius doesn't change so precompute it once rather than each time through your loop. I think the bottom line is don't just give them what they ask for at face value, give them the most elegant and efficient code you can think of. Minder

The key question I had is, "how many vertices do we draw for a given circle?" In person, I would probably ask how to handle this, but in a general case you can take it as a parameter. I've done this below as the "resolution" variable. I also assume the units are all doubles. void drawCircle(double x, double y, double radius, int resolution) { // Start at zero radians, and increment this many degrees each time. double degreeInc = 2*PI / (double) resolution; for(double deg = 0; deg < 2*PI; deg += degreeInc) { drawPt(x + radius*cos(deg), y + radius*cos(deg)); } } Minder

GE Digital

Can you work independently

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Could you elaborate more on the interview questions?



Why was I at my last employer so long? (my previous position had been 30 years).

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I enjoyed the job, lots of different assignments to do. Never any compelling reason to leave and go elsewhere. Minder

BNED LoudCloud

perform installation amd configuration of various products like jenkins, jackabbit, tomcat, mysql,

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installed almost everything successfully :)

Rain Bird

How do you expand an existing ec2 cluster?

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Read the reviews. DO NOT move yourself across country to work there. This is a serious warning. If you do go to interview, start asking random employees (not temp workers) how long they have been there. Very, very few make it past 4 years. Minder

Take the video posted here to your interview. Then ask how many of the people in the video are still working for the company. I bet the answer will help with your decision. Minder

Cisco Systems

What unix command would you use to view the files in a directory which were last changed?

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ls or ll

ls -lr


Aptitude test is rather "interesting" I should say. * !!! You need 75% (%ile) over to pass !!! * There is 3 part (a verbal, numeric and abstract reasoning) Verbal (Not verbal reasoning!), test you bunch of vocabulary meaning and which word is the odd one out. Numeric test test you divison and ratios (again nothing like other graduation online numberical resoning, very simple) A abstract reasoning (Just bunch of picture with dots and square. To me there doesnt seem to have any logic, which I am normally very good at the these type reasoning test) The written test have two question 1. An example to demonstrate attention to detail 2. Write an algorithm/step by step guide for how to install a programe they provide (the is a little bit infomation available)

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Our aptitude tests are designed to test for the key skills required in our Solutions Development and Release employees: logic and reasoning. They have been developed by occupational psychologists so I am confident that they are both a relevant and fair way to assess the key skills of a graduate employee. We do set our pass mark high as we have years of research and data to highlight that our successful Developers and Release Engineers have achieved 75% pass mark, so we are keen to recruit the top talent. Minder

Answer the attention to detail related to my past work.


what ladership qualities you have

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What are technical round questions ?

i can manage an event easily, i can handle a team under me

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