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QServices (Argentina)
Er werd een Release Manager gevraagd...23 juli 2022

¿Cómo te describirías a nivel personal?

Electronic Arts

Tested on gaming knowledge, not just the game play but also on the backend and marketing side of business


Deployment strategy Previous experience Sample situation handling


Basic Release flows, ITIL and working structure.

Marvell Technology

Branching and merging strategy, python


Preguntaron sobre mi experiencia laboral

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Di un resumen

Whisk (United Kingdom)

Past challenges, examples of my success stories as well as flaws and what could have been differently, use cases and how I'd solve them, my usual approach when introducing new changes and processes.

DXC Technology

Por que estas interesado en trabajar en esta empresa

Avalanche Studios Group

How do you feel about reading a lot of boring papers?


1. UCAT test 2. In depth discussion around Program Management, situation based conversations, discussions around JD, experience & big picture discussion around global program management, QA function setup for India Office

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