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Er werd een Project Manager- Remote Position gevraagd...21 oktober 2021

I was asked to discuss my PM background and experience. Asked to respond to some situational questions.

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I asked about the organizational fit for a candidate. Asked about challenges the company will face in the coming year. Minder

Alien Technology Transfer

To assess the marketability and investment potential of new companies. I applied for a job as a grant writer, not an investor, so I was surprised to be asked this.


Really general questions on standard localization issues.

Insight Global

How much experience do you have with applying earned value techniques in project management? Are you able to work PST?


Why should we hire a person outside of the company instead of promoting from within? And, why should we hire somebody remotely instead of somebody that can work in the main office?

Ferguson Enterprises

Questions about work history and time management strategies. They mostly explained what the position entails and I related me previous working experience to that.


What tools would you use to track the progress of a project?


How would you communicate the project has stalled? How would you get it back on track?


Technical interview included discussion of some unique business case type scenarios.


The online test consisted of a series of tasks that involved building Excel pivot tables and performing other data analysis tasks to answer questions about a data set. I found the evaluation to be quite difficult but clever, well constructed, and extremely fascinating. It took me the better part of a morning, which was probably a bad sign. I also got a sense of the substance of the job while doing the test, and it was a bit different than my impressions going into the test and not the kind of role I would have wanted. I received a cordial email the next day with the bad news that I didn't do well enough on the test to warrant further consideration for the position. Although I felt a bit disappointed, I thought the process was fair and probably revealed a true disconnect between my interests and abilities and the requirements of the job.

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