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What do you think about that why we use this approach

My backgrounds; why I chose this position; and also some other knowledge about research intergrity.

De discussie over de casestudie was stressvol, het lijkt erop dat interviewers altijd meer verwachten dan je hebt gezegd.

Q: What would stepping out from the comfort zone for you be like? Q: How do you handle teamwork when it is not going great?

What would I do to contribute to new projects that are incoming?

Questions related to optimising multiple parameters (Backpropagation and learning rate)

You have a Tree, with a value assigned to each node, write an algorithm that prints the values of the subtree from a node that is passed as parameter. What if the tree has loops? What if there are nodes with the same value?

How would you prioritize five features (functionalities) for product development team If features are equally important for customers and business goals, and no matter how long it will take, how much it will cost and what resources you will need to build it?