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What do you think about that why we use this approach

What is your previous experience and how can that be used within the lab at the RIMLS?

why do you want to work in this lab?

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On the cover letter, a game theory problem with the problems. A multi-player game where all players play optimally and you have to find out what these optimal plays are given the settings in the questions. After, a general cognitive aptitude test which, if you respect yourself, you'll decline to do and move on to another company.

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Tell us about a project where you went above and beyond. Tell us about a past experience related to research. Where do you see yourself in five years? What practice area would you find boring? Other behavioural stuff

Questions related to optimising multiple parameters (Backpropagation and learning rate)

Do you consider yourself an expert in microbiology? Do you know how biocides work? Different modes of action to kill bacteria? Goals for your career/next 5 years? What do you like in a job? What do you like about the position, why do you fit? How can you contribute to company's innovations? Can you handle stress and pressure? What's your biggest success? How should your manager be? How do you keep others motivated?

Basic questions on options, what a market maker does/how it makes money; two brain teasers; motivational questions.

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