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Er werd een Research Consultant gevraagd...4 oktober 2022

Typical questions about experience, but also wanted to see skills applied (ie case study).

iData Research

Tell me about yourself and experience

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Walked through my resume


Tell me about yourself and your history.

IMC Trading

Explain Eigenvalue/Eigenvector to non STEM person


they asked me if i was ready to travel and work for the company for which I said yes

Squarepoint Capital

Write an algo for the best time to enter and exit a trade.

GSA Capital

What is the population of the 5 biggest countries by land mass. Rate your confidence in your answer.

IIFL Wealth Management

What is ROIC, ROCE etc.


Past projects and overall experience

Raytheon Technologies

They asked particular technical Qs. also some behavioral Qs.

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