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Er werd een Engineering Residency gevraagd...14 januari 2020

Given a list of dominoes (represented as tuples), what is the longest row of dominoes that you can place down such that adjacent sides of neighboring dominoes have the same label? An example list of dominoes is [(0,3), (3,1), (2,1), (4,0)] and a valid row would be [(0,3), (3,1), (1,2)],

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I struggled coming up with a solutions. Since time was running up, the interviewer gave me a hint for how to start the function. After this, I was able to write a solution fairly quickly. The hint is shown below def make_row(start, list_of_dominoes): start is a domino (tuple) and list_of_dominoes is just a list of remaining tuples you can use. Minder

I like to say that i know a better solution than the brute force solution. It seems to me like the solution that the interviewer suggested is a brute force solution. The number of permutations gets out of hand very quickly with numbers of n that aren't that high (ie. n=30). Minder


2. Your CIO comes over and says, "I need to present from this laptop in 20 minutes and now its dead, help me!"

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Another one where you walk through the process with them and try to figure out everything and anything that could be wrong ans how you would fix it Minder

If you mean dead as not coming up even with a charger connected. Then you unscrew the computer, take out the harddrive and mount it to a harddrive case and copy the content the required presentation to a new laptop for him to use. Minder

Larkin Community Hospital

My interests , hobbies and aspirations.

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I told him what I loved and and he was genuinely interested in listening and steering the conversation in a positive direction Minder

Medical City Dallas

Tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult patient.

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I shared about a clinical experience where the patient was refusing care.

BayCare Health System

What is a strength of yours?

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I just told them my strengths and it was good enough.

HCA Healthcare

First round: Why Labor and Delivery(the area that I wanted)? Tell us about yourself? Second Round: Behavioral based. Tell us about a time... How do you handle conflict

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Answered them honestly. A tip I've always used when interviewing is really treat it as a conversation and if you can get them to laugh it makes you memorable. Minder


If I am able to work in high stress environments.

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I answered yes, and provided an example of a high stress situation and how I overcame the stress and accomplished my goal. Minder


Finance director could not access gmail or other websites. Using Windows 7. Wifi shows bars but has “!” symbol.

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Check to make sure DHCP is enabled by going to System Preferences > Network > select Wi-Fi / Airport > select Advanced. From here, choose TCP/IP, and make sure "Configure IPv4" and "Configure IPV6" are set to "Use DHCP" and "Use Automatically" respectively. Then, go to the DNS tab. Clear out any servers you see here by selecting their IP Addresses and clicking the Minus sign. Minder


What's blue screen? Black screen.. Linux questions, wifi, video not working in powerpoint, troubleshoot wifi in linux operating system..etc.

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Google them


What would you do if an employee tell you that "computer is slow" and some basic command about Linux

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Basic you have to dig into the question and explain your thoughts. Let them know all your knowledge and understanding. Minder

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