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Er werd een Retail Supervisor gevraagd...29 november 2021

What if I will ask you to sell me this watch?

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Sir I can try to sale any product to you now also like every salesman does but as an MBA I will study the product details, features and USP. After that I will observe the need of the customer and then matching there need I can approach for sale. Because without having proper knowledge I will approach It can make customer feel being cheated. And I'm here to make a loyal customer base Minder


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What is your expected rate of pay.

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Did not directly answer and asked what the position paid. I always feel like employers are trying to get the most for the least amount paid. Not really fair if someone depends on any income to surrive. We all know they are not willing to work for the pay they are offering someone new! Minder

Have you got great communication skills?

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Yes ofcourse I am a conversationalist.


Very standard stuff.

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Same old interview waffle.


any ccjs (because of working along side Post Office in some stores)

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I don't have any (but I recently found out that I had from 7 yrs go mccolls informed me once employed that I had and they still kept me on regaurding the law due to post office regulation. if the company are desparate they will employ regaurdless.....(bad company) Minder


What is one of your accomplishments?

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I have been successful training Reps and calling on local Wholesalers

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Are you available weekends and after hours?

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What did you dislike about your last job

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The fact that the manager never helped out and just sat infront of the computer all day Minder


what are my pet peeves

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lazy people

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Why did I feel that I was qualified

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Because of the 34 years of experience that I had

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