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Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Er werd een Retired Police Officer gevraagd...17 maart 2021

Q. "Mr./Ms. ______ why are you interested in becoming a police officer and joining LVMPD?"

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A lot of questions during the oral board review/interview are conducted by police officers of rank, detectives, civilian employees and patrol officers. Therefore a number of questions are scenario based "as if" you are a police officer and your response is scored via a matrix to test your knowledge, integrity, and ability to be trained and carry out the mission of a police officer. For example this question, "Mr./Ms. Who ever, why are you interested and want to become a police officer with LVMPD"? This question should be your best scoring response and it should be a question you have thought about several times before you even make it to your oral board. Dig deep and be honest with YOU! This career will change you, you will impact people's lives, you are not the only lifestyle that this career affects your family is affected too. This is a very challenging(mentally and physically), rewarding, and wonderful career and will provide you with a financially secure lifestyle. So really "interview" yourself and make the best decision and good luck in becoming part of the life as a police officer. Minder

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