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Goldman Sachs
Er werd een New Analyst Credit Risk Management gevraagd...29 oktober 2009

Which specific balance sheet items would you look at to determine a company's credit worthiness?

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Cash balances obviously as it shows if they have the flow to support additional lines of credit, then maybe creditors as it shows a pecking order if things go south. Minder

Assets, Liabilities, and Shareholder's Equity. - Assets: Are the economic resource of the company use to operate the company include Cash, Inventory, and Equipment - Liabilities: Represent the debt of the company. - Equity: Represent the net worth of the company. Minder

Not sure but I would say Current Liabilities to Cash and liquid assets, change in cash flows, growth of net total assets are three possibilities, although there are certainly more and better answers. Minder

Morgan Stanley

"How do you start every time when you have to write a query?" (.. in SQL)

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'SELECT ...' That's each query starts with :)

Well, I had just a little experience w SQL from 4 yrs ago or so (I work with stata and python), and I did not really remember you have to call libraries or anything, I pretty much only have to write one line things for a query, but she was insisting, so... Minder

Erste Group

They asked about my weaknesses, strengths, hobbies and my professional past.

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With honesty.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

What are the greatest challenges the financial sector will face in the next 5 years.

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I read the Financial Times so I spoke about how 25% of customers would consider banking with coorperations that they know and trust like google & facebook. Minder

JPMorgan Chase & Co

What is something you are passionate about?

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I spoke about an organization I was in and why I joined it.

J.P. Morgan

Phone call interview: On any given day there's a XX% chance that you'll find parking next to the office. What is the probability that today you'll find parking given that yesterday you found none.

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These are independent events. The fact that there was no parking space yesterday does not influence the probability of finding parking today. The answer is XX%, as it is on any given day. Minder

J.P. Morgan

What financial statement would you look at to determine if X is a good firm to invest in and why?

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Answer will vary based on the firm being discussed, I said that statement of cashflows was good because the company I was talking about has good AI, and I might invest if they have been putting money into R&D. Minder

Morgan Stanley

Tell me about yourself?

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Spoke about my resume, my background, accomplishments, and experience.


why you want to work for us?

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I used to be a intern at Prudential Nerwark office, I really admire this company and it's unique working life balance culture. Minder


Tell me about a time you had to resolve differences when working in a team.

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My response was to keep my personal feelings separate from my professional feelings. Deliver to the business need but when it gets personal take the coworker aside and determine whether they are working on emotion vs. what the business needs. Find common ground and establish that I am completing the task requested by the business. Minder

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