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Er werd een Risk Management Specialist gevraagd...1 maart 2022

1. Past working experience and education. 2. Why interested in joining Tranglo 3. What is you biggest failure?

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1. Briefly explain my past working experience 2. Interested in joining a Fintech organization. Minder

US Risk Management Agency

Tell us a word that describes you in the workplace.

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My answer was ambitious, then they wanted me to write a timed paragraph on their computer on how I am ambitious. I had 5 minutes to do it. Minder

Prairie Management & Development

He asked me propriety questions about the current company I work for which I thought was rude. I asked more questions than he asked. He did seem to have an issue with the fact that I had eight jobs in my career and he had two - he's owned his company for 35 years!

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I told him I was uncomfortable. He finally backed off.

University of Ottawa

I have to write something here

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I have to write something here. Refresh on Regulations as knowing the processes and information by heart would be really handy. Minder

USI Insurance Services

How would I handle an objection from a prospect?

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I walked through my general flow of resistant prospects and then heard how USI helps to provide me with thoughtful answers to prospects questions. Minder


Are you available to work in shifts? Tell me about your previous experience. What core values do you liked the most?

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Be ridiculous was my favourite core value

Dun & Bradstreet

My consulting approach

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Collaborative; customer-centric; GAP analysis


Aspiration, Experience, Expectation, Personal Interest, Family Background

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Hope meet the requirement:)


Allot of behavioral questions were ask of me.


How to assess the risk and the controls?

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