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Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare
Er werd een RN Utilization Review gevraagd...22 juni 2016

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this job?

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My previous experience was a perfect fit for this jobs requirements and just explained that I was confident in my abilities. Mainly talked about certain cases and how I would handle them in regards to nursing judgement. Minder

UnitedHealth Group

How difficult situations were handled in past employment situations

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Spoke openly and honestly

Capital Staffing Solutions

What is your minimum acceptable wage?

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Research the rate in the local facilities - I was able to state a wage and it was accepted. Minder

AmeriHealth Caritas

Name a time when..., what is your biggest professional accomplishment up to this point?

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When I finished medical assistance program

United States Federal Government

What did you do, as a nurse, that changed the outcome of a patient's care for the better, besides your regular routine care.

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I explained that a patient's two grandchildren, aged twelve and thirteen, sought me out to tell me that their grandfather who had a big appetite, loved to eat and was a lot of fun to be with, was not eating, and was being very grumpy with everyone, and "was just not acting like himself", They were very concerned that something was very wrong with him and asked me if I could help him. I discussed with them that their grandfather's surgery along with the post-op care, physical therapy and hospital food might have a lot to do with his mood and appetite, but they both insisted that was not the problem and went on to explain how they had noticed these changes had begun over three weeks prior to his surgery at a family holiday gathering when he started to eat dinner, "made ugly faces", got up from the table and left their home and went back to his own with no explanation ever given. I told them I would look into it for them. At dinner that evening, I stayed with the patient to observe him, and noticed each time he attempted to eat, he he thumped his sternum with his fist. put down his fork. and when I asked if he was OK and he answered yes. After several minutes, he explained in an irritable manner that he was hungry but coud not eat and said it was not the food - he just couldn't, and we began discussing his situation. I contacted his physicianl, and the outcome resulted in the patient ending up in surgery for removal of his gangrenous gall bladder. His grandchildren were absolutely correct about his personality and appetite - he had an ebullient, bouyant personality and ate heartily. After his gall bladder removal, his family members asked me if I was the nurse who saved their father's life, and I told them no, their niece and nephew are his life savers. Minder

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The most "difficult: question asked was, "What does concurrent review mean to you?"

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Not that this is a difficult question, but it was one of those instances where I could not think of a better word to define concurrent without using the word itself! :P Minder

Central California Alliance for Health

How would you handle "drama" within your team?

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Drama = life. I would get to the core and work outward.

UnitedHealth Group

The interview centered around behavioral based interview questions.

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Do you have an example?

Central California Alliance for Health

Explain how you manage remote employees?

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A combination between trust and transparency. Everyone would like to "work" from home. Yet, it's tricky to validate who works and who doesn't when given the choice of maintaining a home. Minder

Carelon Global Solutions

Work exxperience, behavioral questions, why shift from hospital to a bpo

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Be confident and well-prepared. I wrote answers for common interview questions and researched about the company prior to the interview, that's the trick to nail this. Minder

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