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Allerin Technologies
Er werd een Ruby On Rails Developer gevraagd...9 januari 2023

Asked management questions not technical one


It was pretty easy, got 3 questions -- one with boilerplate code and writing some APIs and model associations, 2nd was 1 MCQ and 3rd was SQL query -- not so easy but you can solve it with some intermediate-level knowledge.


Conversamos sobre o app que tinha desenvolvido como parte do processo seletivo, porém o entrevistador não teve a capacidade de avaliar meus conhecimentos e me deu um feedback que não corresponde com a realidade.


Why do you want to work for Amazon Music


What are built in methods for hash ?


Queries String/Array basics Callbacks/filters in rails


What is active record in ruby?


What is filters in ruby on rails?

Niyati Technologies

create a sample application for school management

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Created and deploy in heroku

Nalashaa Solutions

ROR interview questions

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questions were easy to moderate , related to Baisc ROR questions.

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