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Er werd een Sales Business Development Manager gevraagd...27 november 2015

why was i suited to the role?

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Also had a bad experience in the same way, still haven't had any word back and I interviewed and emailed for follow up back in October. Minder

I assure you sir,I will do my level best & more for the Company's Success,Progress, & Reputation with my hard work.I had some experience in similar & variety management jobs sir. Minder

my experience in my current role coupled with my driven personality


For your sales strategy, how would you go about identifying target accounts?

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I would identify accounts that the agency has industry experience in, but I would also open it up to the agency and ask, "what are some companies or brands that you'd love to work for?" Minder


Standard tell me about yourself. What was a sale you were most proud of and why?

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Answer that and any other question with confidence.

Vestas Wind Systems

Tell me about a time when you had to handle a conflicting situation.

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i will calm both down and then listen to boths opinions after hearing them i will make them listen my opinion .i will try to solve their issue and try to finish their misunderstanding Minder

education ; professional experience; personal information

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dates and facts ( according resume): examples from my experience

Please explain me about OSI 7 layer.

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I have answered from layer 1 to 7 and each definition related to the cache product. Minder

What are you?....a chicken or a pig?

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correct answer: a pig, as it totally commits to breakfast (I said "chicken"...I happen to like the noble creature) Minder

Document Systems

What made you apply to this position?

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I saw that I was qualified as I have experience in sales and public speaking, and that it was an entry level job which was perfect for me as a recent graduate. Minder


What motivates you?

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Line manager and money

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