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Er werd een Sales & Marketing Intern gevraagd...12 april 2014

How many ping pong balls fit in the fuel tanks of a 747?

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It actually depends on where the 747 is located at the time, on the ground or flying. Minder

Enough to get from A to B!


Haben Sie Erfahrungen in China bereits gesammelt

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Warum wollen Sie nach China (stadt)

JMS Marketing (WI)

Do you have sales experience?

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While I do not have direct sales experience, I have worked with customers directly for 5 years in my current position. Minder


What should be the main qualities of sales person?

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1- A sales person should be knowledgeable regarding what he or she is doing sale of and for whom its doing. 2- He/she should be confident about what he/she is talking. 3- Should be calm and should have enough patience. 4- should know how to talk and convince people Minder


What do you understand about our business model? Explain some insurance policies you are aware of

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I explained the business model of the company as an insurance broker. As per the policies, I explained about some policies which my family has been solicited. Minder


How would you rate your communication skills?

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Before anything else, I would describe myself as a great listener. Life taught me that in both personal and professional relationships, listening is actually more important than talking. One has to listen to understand their colleagues, customers, business partners. And just when we understand them and their needs, we can deliver an excellent speech-be it a negotiation, sales talk, description of a problem, anything. Minder


What is your biggest weakness

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My greatest weakness is time management. I have always been very detail-oriented, so it sometimes takes me longer to finish a project than I initially think it will. This is why I started using time-tracking software in my last job. It made me more conscious of the time a task takes me and helped me never miss a deadline again. Minder


sales experience

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I did not have much but had to really talk about related experience like leadership and past admin/ client service experience. Minder


Ob mir Namen von "Hidden Champions" einfallen

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Hidden Champions sind mittelständige Unternehmen, die Deutschland aufgebaut haben. Dazu gehören weder Daimler noch BMW Minder


Hour many hours you want to work

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60-65 hours

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