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Er werd een Sales Co-Worker gevraagd...14 juni 2017

If a customer came into the store looking for a bookshelf, what types of questions would you ask the customer to provide the best fit bookshelf for them?

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Which room will the bookshelf be located? Do you want the bookshelf to stand out? How tall does it need to be? How wide does it need to be? Would you like to display more than books on the shelf? Do you have a color preference? Who will be using the shelf most? Will you have help putting it together? How permanent do you want it to be? Minder

What kind of a book are you looking for then give different categories like is it a a recipe book,for kids. Minder

If it's a book department yes I will display books more and book covers to attract the eye of the customer Minder

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Standard questions: Why I wanted to work at Ikea, my previous experiences, what's my goal, strength & weakness

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I really loved Ikea as a company

hi I have question about the background check how long does it take


What inspires you in your profession?

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i like IKEA

please u need a job


Describe yourself in one word…

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Don't boast or use words like 'exciting' or 'special'.

LaFontaine Automotive Group

why you above other people

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said Id be committed to the job

Camphill Village Usa

What are the kind of skills required to work with someone with special needs?

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compassionate, understanding, individualization

Hola SL

Why did you apply for this job?

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I am really passionate for the hola industry

Kwik Trip

In your current place of employment, please list 1 thing that is often forgotten about or neglected?

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Honestly. The bathroom. Unless you've got separate staff just for the bathroom, I'm pretty sure that's the most neglected part of every business. No one thinks twice about it, until they need to use it. Minder


What do you know about the values of IKEA

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I googled Ingvar Kampfred's 10 IKEA values and adapted them so it sounded like I was perfect for IKEA Minder


Why did you want to work for IKEA?

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I believe IKEA gives people the opportunity to be the architects of their own homes. Minder

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