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Can you perform under pressure? I don't think you can, I think you've never dealt with pressure and can't handle it?! Have you ever had success?!

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Pretty shocked, suddenly a very aggressive tone of voice from him. I said I can, but also started thinking if I should be willing to work for someone talking to his employees like this. It was my first job, so, unfortunately, I did start working for the company, but a hard but good lesson that I don't want to in the future.

The highest and lowest moment of my life.

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Tell me about a very "down" time. Tell me about your "best" time.

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Waarom ik gesolliciteerd had bij Double Dutch? Vreemd, zij had mij gevraagd.

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Q: How would you respond if a costumer would tell you "I believe the future of phone operating systems lay in Blackberry OS"

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Give me an explanation of a sample cold call.

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Why would you want to do sales at DoubleDutch?

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Why should we hire you specifically if everyone else has the same qualifications as you

How do you think your background & talents suit this position?

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