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Er werd een Assistant Sales Manager gevraagd...27 oktober 2015

What are your management skills?

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I have communication skills, time management, problem solving, planning, team building, and keeping calm in difficult situations. Minder

If needed I am willing to relocate if given time to find housing.

If needed I am willing to relocate if given enough time to find housing.

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WhiteHat Jr

Why whitehatjr?

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I find better opportunities to work with u.i want to give growth to my teaching career . Minder

As the company is a new start-up it will create new path for my career. I can learn so many things from it. As it's a new company with my efforts I can grow with the company. I will give my best if you select me for this job . I'm willing to work with the company and grow with it. Minder

white hat jr. is a growing company with flexible work timings which is very delightful. and it gives an opportunity to work from home during this pandemic which is the best part for all . Minder

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i am fine and have no issues

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Well ,with my skills and experience can make a difference

My innovative sales processes, strategic planning, excellent communication,, agressive leadership would ensure me achieving your companies goals and targets Minder

Well ,with my skills and experience can make a difference

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Can u Join Immediately???

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The company is appointing the employees as a designation of Branch Manager, Area Sales Manager, Channel Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and etc and offered them the good salary packages and after one or two months of there working company fired them without intimating and without paying a single penny or salary to there employees by saying that they are not working properly. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY, THIS COMPANY(FORUN EXPRESS COURIER & CARGO LTD) IS A FRAUD COMPANY. THIS COMPANY IS BLACKLISTED NOW. THIS COMPANY'S CHAIRMAN R.K ADHWANI IS FRAUD, BLACKLISTED AND A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE COMPANY AND THERE EMPLOYEES. Minder


Thanks for sharing

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Could you ready placed in branches?

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Yes, ready to be placed in all the branches needed

Yes I could. I could be ready to placed in all branches

Yes, I'm ready

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How many people did you have reporting to me and how much did they get paid?

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Gates Corporation

What is your current Profile?

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Immediate joiner

Regional sales manager

How fast you can join?

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Tata Capital

what is your dream.

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To grow as lead

My dreams is grow my career and full fill my other dreams.

salery 5 digit

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Is customer service is the first attention

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Of course, when you choose the right staff to answer all customer questions


Without it any business will not be a complete

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United Airlines

"Sell me this pen". The VP handed me his pen and asked me to sell it to him.

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Ask what they see in a pen. If he remembers the last pen he used, and what price he would put on a pen he uses for signing big important contracts. As soon as he names a price... sold Minder

I would suggest it was a very special pen used by a very important person and it won’t come up for sale again Minder

this pen has an option for lifetime ink cartridge's. So if you buy the bundle with lifetime cartridges You will never need another pen again. I f you buy 50 pens the 1st pen is at no charge. these would be great for advertising purposes. We can engrave each pen with your company information on it. this promotion ends this week. How many would you like? Minder

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