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Nanova Biomaterials
Er werd een Sales and Marketing Internship gevraagd...7 juni 2021

Can you devote a minimum of 20 hours?

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What particular strengths do you have?

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I spoke on my experiences and how I have developed particular strengths.


How did Pinterest generate revenue?

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They sell adds to people that want to advertise and be promoted in Pinterest.

Turtle Entertainment

Die ersten sechs Monate des Praktikums sind unbezahlt, was ich nicht erwartet hatte.

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You must be able to maintain yourself during the internship.

College Works Painting

Tell me about yourself...

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This was the only question the interviewer even asked. It didn't even feel like an actual interview and honestly felt very sketchy. Minder


What are the top 5 property industry trends?

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Used my general knowledge of what's been mentioned in the news

Boosted (PA)

why do you want to work with college athletes

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I am passionate about sports and am interested in legislation being passed in college sports Minder


Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?

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Basically, understand what exactly Aflac does and tailor your experience to that. Minder

Why do you want to go into marketing or sales?

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I am a people person. I am not shy, i'm outgoing and i love working with people.


Are you bilingual and fluent (generally second language as Chinese)?

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Yes and the interview was switched to another language to test out your competency. Minder

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