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Experience, relevant skills

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Talked about where I studied and why I am interested in working

CV-related questions in the first round and even more motivational questions in the second round. ACT interviewers have a very distinct emphasis on how the applicant is motivated to do sales, and if she/he fits in the role and behavior of a salesperson. Almost no technical questions, e.g. generally how the EU ETS cap-and-trade system works (first round). Hence, the questions are not difficult at all but the interviewers have a strong picture of sales qualities and screen the candidate thoroughly in this respect.

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What is your intrinsic motivation to work with this company?

What makes a good sales person Why ACT What makes you better than the other candidates

Why Sales ? Why Sales ? Why sales? and... Why sales? Whats your relation with money ? French Hiring Manager : "do you have a good relationship with your father?" 3 negative and 3 positive points of your personality (....... please stop with this question though)

Why did you apply to us and how did you learn of the position?

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