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Er werd een Security Administrator gevraagd...21 maart 2012

what is that you do as a sec admin

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to prevent and protect the enterprise

I’m trying to get promoted always

Taking minutes of all meetings , keeping memos and all clerical activities

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Rackspace Technology

There are two directly-connected switches. Assume that they communicate fine on the physical layer. Why can't two hosts with assigned addresses and communicate with each other? Also assume that network addresses can be used. How would you remedy this by swapping out only ONE of the devices on the network?

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The hosts are on two different subnets. Replace one of the switches with a properly-configured router. Minder

the host which assign and host these subnet is not belong to same subnet Minder

The subnet being used only provides 2 useable address, .5 and .6 the .50 address is out of the range. If there are only switches and no router, swap out one switch with a router and re-configure the network addresses. Minder

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What are your plans for the future.

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To go back to school and also work at the same time.


Based on your resume and current role in the company. Scenario-based questions.

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Provide answers with real-time examples.


what is your Educational background? Do you have an Idea of you work applied for? Briefly explain what you know about IT? etc

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categorically very good, idea generated very good and above all was in good mood

Raising Cane's

What type of tools have you used?

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List various tools from your own experiences

BioBridge Global

Hiring manager really wanted to know if I would allow security issues at the request of management.

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I told them I'd do whatever as long as they payed me.

Ball Aerospace

Describe TCP and UDP, and your experience with firewalls.

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brief contrast between TCP and UDP and went over my experience with firewall rules. Minder

Rackspace Technology

Troubleshooting Scenarios

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Troubleshooting step by step eliminating single point of failure

Rackspace Technology

Name a situation in which you, your team, or a project you were assigned to failed. What steps did you take to mitigate that failure?

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This is more of a personal question. They were looking for how you deal with difficult situations. Minder

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