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Er werd een Director of Information Security gevraagd...16 maart 2023

Experience and competency based questions, scenario questions and test day with work assignment.


Why looking, why SW, why left previous job and then all others, top strengths and weaknesses.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

General resume related and others which were in the area above and beyond relevance to the role


Leadership style. Why us and why you etc.


How has the candidate worked with Security Operations teams, product teams, engineering teams and has influenced change via risk identification and reporting? How does the candidate build relationships with other teams to meet shared objectives? The ideal candidate should have experience working with all teams mentioned. We’ll want to understand how the candidate thinks about security incidents - do they understand the difference between an event and an incident? Notification requirements and partnering with legal teams? (And many more)


Standard situational questions as well as some questions to see how you think. Mostly seemed to see if it was a good personality fit for the team.

Altium Limited

Ask about a multitude of security and risk related questions but not yes or no questions. They were based on what I would do or how I would handle certain situations. If I elaborated on something beyond the question they asked more about that. This was an excellent interview process.

Q. Describe the OSI Security model


Homework presentation and follow up plus a lot of how to deal with engineering teams, technical debt etc.


How many hours a week do you work?

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