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Transguard Group
Er werd een Security Guard gevraagd...16 oktober 2019

What is security?

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Security is a very important job save All things and see the problems and slove that very honestly it is a very good job Minder

Security is most important one . Honestly it is a very good job

One of the main functions a security guard has is to protect people and maintain safety. Often times, the watchful presence of a security guard is enough to deter criminals and prevent incidents. People are often grateful for the presence of a security guard, and helping them feel comfortable and safe can be rewarding.16 Minder

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Did you receive your training from Ontario Security Training?

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I stated that I did since that was the training facility I attended to get my security licence and if you did not train there, they would not accept you into their network of employers. Minder

Yes I will be so happy to be train

Because I have 2 certificate as a security guard and licenses for different countries UAE and Kingdom of Bahrian Minder

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Qatar Security & Guarding Service

who many types of fire . what is access control. what I do in emergency situation.

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5 types of fire. to control the movement of people vehicle and material. show the people emergency exit . Minder

1) 6types of fire and and they all have their own Approach when it out break 2) is the ability to controls an access point of a Building or premises 3) lead everyone out of harms way and check if it’s Fixable with my capacity . Minder

5 types of fire Control movement of people, vehicles and materials Direct people to the emergency exit Minder

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what is the main role of security guard?

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protect the person.

No. it's not

Protect people, property and information (PSISA)

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Paladin Security Group

How would you deal with a person who seems suspiciously roaming around at the place you are stationed at?

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Call. Police, watch is activities and write down details

Call backup

Watch his acrivities

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Security Resources

How did you find out about this company

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I was looking up security companies and came cross you guys

I,m from pakistan and i am able for this work..

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Nothing specific, generic questions about security. Main concern was if i have a license and a suit.

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I want this job i have very good experience as security officer

I have license

Look after people security

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in case of fire what you are going to d?

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First thing I will inform the control room so they can call the fire fighters Second thing I will evacuate all the workers and client in the building using the steps door not the elevator because using the elevator is very dangerous for that kind of situation Third thing to do is I will move everyone’s away 100m from the building. Minder

Calling fire force then i try to stop fire

Activate the alarm in case the fire cannot be put off with an extinguisher. Then head for the exit. Then immediately inform your supervisor or call the fire department. Minder

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Sentinel Security

Core skills for the job

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Customer centric

customer security


Best Guard Security

change work location every week in the GTA

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Iam Charles Onanyang from Uganda Question If I want to join what are your procedures? Minder

I like it,but it depends on the rules and regulations for the compliment

Dallas to

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