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International SOS
Er werd een Regional Security Manager gevraagd...21 september 2022

Tell us about a time when you faced a challenge you couldn't overcome, how did you deal with it

JPMorgan Chase & Co

What kind of environment gets the best out of you

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Challenging and exciting environment


Specific questions are not releasable due to an NDA. if you research the common questions, you will likely encounter one or two during your interview.


Please tell me about a time where you identified a weakness in your processes how did you address the issue?

Check Point Software Technologies

- various questions about Check Point technologies - various questions about networking concepts and design principles. - various questions about customer interactions including sales situations (presentation, demo, solution design, BoM/quoting, etc.) - describe techniques relates to problem solving, prioritizing competing projects, keeping up with new tech and managing customer interactions for success.

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for most questions - very technical. my answers were not short (nor long). and I tried to include examples as much as possible along with the results (good or bad). Minder


Where are you looking to take your career. What are your professional goals.


Threat model an application. Pick a vulnerability and explain how it works. How does public key infrastructure work? What are your considerations in designing an identity management system? How do you monitor security in a data center where devices may be changed out routinely?

General Dynamics Information Technology

Can you give details with real examples on how you work through the RMF process?

Stand Together

Common behavioral interview questions. Describe a time when you disagreed with a team member. Tell me about a time when you failed. Give me an example of when you had to assume leadership for a team. What is the most difficult/ challenging situation you've ever had to resolved in the workplace?

G4S Secure Solutions

Why this company What can you bring to the company

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Well established and recognised company Experience, proven leadership and management skills Minder

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