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Allied Universal
Er werd een Unarmed Security Officer gevraagd...2 maart 2018

Why do you want to work here

9 antwoorden

I answered that I want everyone to feel safe and at ease while in public places etc. Minder

I love to protect people and have them feel safe

I want to work Armed security

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Transguard Group

what is your profession?

8 antwoorden

I am a security guard in UAE

Security guard

I am a teacher.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

6 antwoorden

What kind of drug test do they do?

They put a sponge in your mouth and it soaks up the saliva. They put it back into a capsule and colors will appear depending on the drug. Takes about 5 minutes Minder

Did you go for orientation yet?

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U.S. Security Associates

why do you want to work here

5 antwoorden

how open is your schedule

Have worked with Mr.Lipman of Guardsmark Personally, willing to work hard.

Ready to at anytime soon.

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Universal Orlando Resort

What made you choose Universal as a potential employer?

5 antwoorden

It's a good company

Good company to work for

Like to be part of this environment

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IHG Hotels and Resorts

How many years do you have an experiences in security field ??

5 antwoorden

7 years

i worked US Consulate Karachi Pakistan 5years now i am working in dubai from more the 2 yeras till to date Minder

7 years

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U.S. Security Associates

Can you work OT?

5 antwoorden


what does OT stand for?


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Brosnan Risk Consultants

Do you have experience?

4 antwoorden

Yes I have 3years experience



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Heathrow Airport

Why you want to work as a security officer at Heathrow?

4 antwoorden

Hi congratulations I’ve had my telephone interview today and was told I’d be contacted within 14 days of the outcome. Did they tell you the same thing? Minder

Omg im really sorry, i just wanted to open your comment to read not give a wrong rate. Minder

Hi do you remember after the phone interview how did you find that u were pass

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