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Red Balloon Security
Er werd een Security Researcher gevraagd...16 april 2021

Complete the hardware puzzle challenge

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Doable even if you have no prior reverse-engineering experience. If you beat the challenge there is also a chance you get a good amount of bitcoin, however the coin had already been transferred out of the wallet well before I completed it. I imagine this puzzle filters out a significant amount of applicants. Minder

Pyramid Consulting

Technical round is all about discussing the CTF report and findings.

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What ever you write in report make sure you have in-depth answers for those.


Stupid questions from a nope

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better than what he didn't know about it


How to search all the names that is yours in a file using unix commands

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cat file | grep 'myname'


decode an unknown protocol and write a parser for it to retrieve phone contacts information

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I wrote a script which retrieves all the data if you want the answers contact me at hackerman1924 at Minder


What is a hash function

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a hash function is a one that take the content of a file and produce a foot print for this content. in general the hash function produces the footprint in a target image that is smaller then the range of the content Minder


How would you implement a dictionary where you can find a k-letter word in O(k) runtime

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Prefix tree


1st and the 2nd rounds of interviews are tough. The most difficult questions were about DEP/ASLR. Knowing just the definition is not good enough, you should understand where these concepts are applied and where they can be exploited.

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i like mekanik

Trend Micro Inc.

I was given a piece of assembly code and expected to answer what was going on every line.

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I tried to explain as best as I could.

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