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Er werd een Senior Brand Manager gevraagd...7 november 2014

Fairly straight forward questions. Some were situational (describe a situation failed/created something new etc) and some were linked to Unilever and the specific brand (how would you develop the brand, how would you launch a new product).

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We use conceputal marketing to enhance our brand in the marketing

To modify the quality of product

To increase the productivity on belf of company level


Who suggested you to buy the glasses you wear? I read on your CV that you achieved some "bla bla bla" result...what was that?

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Very "Italian"; personal comments and judgements on how you look; almost insulting way of posing questions; Minder

It s full of shi*

OnePlus Global

have you ever had to fire anyone

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i haven't so just talked about how i would approach it

I even didnt get thought because I was cool person i will see 3 or 4 time then i will Minder

BMW Group

what is bmw

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bayerische motoren werke


What have you heard about the culture?

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I tried to strike a balance between what I had read on GD vs. communicating that I was OK with it. Be prepared to answer why you will thrive in the very "unique" culture. Minder

LT Foods

Mostly on Brand Marketing

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using previous experience

National Beverage

What are your key Character Traits

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Passionate, Honest,y and Integrity

Reynolds Consumer Products

Why are you leaving your current role?

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Seeking more challenge

ACH Food Companies

In 5 minutes I had to develop a campaign for a spice.

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I said I would write a Creative Brief and let the agency develop the campaign.


How would my brand management background apply to the continued success of Axxess?

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Thanks to the company information that glassdoor provides and Axxess's website that provides a breadth of information, I was able to really understand what Axxess stands for. That in turn allowed me to share how my background and values were a fit and asset to the mission and vision that Axxess represents and strives for each day. Minder

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