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Er werd een Senior Brand Strategist gevraagd...7 september 2017

What is the absolute minimum salary you are willing to take?

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I should've put down the phone. What kind of company asks this? You pay for quality, not bargain with it. Minder

Kaiser Permanente

If we were sponsoring a disaster relief benefit in a part of the country that was impacted by a natural disaster through our community benefit arm, how and where would you use the thrive logo and tagline?

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I would not use the thrive logo or tagline. I think thrive sounds like a proactive and positive uplifting message and the mission of supporting a community in repair is not uplifting, it's more serious and caring, it would not be the right emotional tone. Minder

Wikimedia Foundation

At work, what do you do to improve Diversity & Inclusion?

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Hiring & management process, pro-bono work for ngo clients, representation & messages in advertising. Minder


Portfolio review, experience, etc. etc. Nothing surprising.

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Cordially enough, I thought.

Fork Media

general question about current work, what you like etc

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general answer

Horizon Media

What experience do you have with managing employees?

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Explained my management experience.

Traina Design

How do I feel about naming projects.

Horizon Media

What is your managing style?


Walk me through your resume

Critical Impact

How familiar are you with the email marke? Have you run campaigns before? Tell us about a difficult work situation and how you overcame it. What are your greatest weaknesses/strengths? Tell us about a career accomplishment makes you most proud. What made you want to apply for this position? Tell us something about yourself - family, hobbies etc.

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