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Er werd een Senior Director, Business Development gevraagd...18 augustus 2011

What would I do on the job in my first 90-180 days?

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What would you do on the job in your first 90-180 days at HC? The answer is simple--continue to look for jobs elsewhere. Minder

For a BD guy, this is not unexpected, and I am always prepared to answer this in any interview. Minder


Questions were around capabilities and past experience. Detail was required to make sure I was actually doing what I claimed.

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I answered the questions to the n-th degree as I was personally involved in all the steps. Minder

Why has the company had difficulty with diversity? Females, etc?

current role, skills, business development question, sales related

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best of my experience


Why would you like to get into IT sales where the pressure is comparatively much higer.

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Challenging, Get to learn a lot of stuff and earn money.


They asked about my experience.

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I provided details as to the types of clients I worked with in the past, my sales process, and why I felt I was successful. Minder


1. How do you handle social pressure and negativity amongst colleagues and work mates? 2. How do you describe hard work?

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1. I don’t because I’m someone people come to for help. I’m not someone who gets into the social or negative weeds. I stay focused on the work and enjoy that. 2. Resilience and consistency. Keep selling even when you’re on top. Keep going. Minder

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What was your last achievements?

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How you will manage B2C product?

Previous job role

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Explained confidently

Previous sales figures

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Know your numbers

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