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Er werd een Senior CHEMIST gevraagd...16 april 2020

What's the favourite topic you like in chemistry

2 antwoorden

Reaction mechanism

Analytical chemistry

Becker Industrial Coatings

How many years you will work

1 antwoorden

I will work if benefits are given

Mylan Inc

How much I was making now.

1 antwoorden

I did not answer that

Jotun Paints

can u handle work pressure in QC?

1 antwoorden

i said yes


About how I explained technical challenges to an audience that was not technically inclined.

1 antwoorden

With an example of how I used analogies.

DayGlo Color Corp

What are your career goals over the next few years?

1 antwoorden

I want to move up to a management role and spend less time in the laboratory as my career progresses. Minder


Describe a time you failed in your research, what you learnt from the experience and how you moved forward afterwards.

1 antwoorden

I described a synthesis procedure that I could not make work for the longest time, but finally realizing that it was a dead end, I looked at achieving the same results via different unorthodox approaches and managed to succeed in getting the desired product. Minder


Why do you want to work here

1 antwoorden

The early development pharmaceutical work is my strength and preference.


How to determine an ingredients solubility?

1 antwoorden

Generally, log p of individual raw material could help determine that. At molecular level, structure of the raw material, other related parameters as well as analytical tools can help Minder


What type of preservatives would you use in a hydro alcoholic formulation, O/W Emulsion, W/O.

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Depends on formula and amount of alcohol present. If more than 10-15% OH than you don't really need one. Minder

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