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Er werd een Senior Engineer, Cloud gevraagd...4 mei 2022

General discussion about AWS and devops technologies

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I had very similar experience. All my technical rounds were exceptionally well and later I received a rejection letter saying We kindly ask you for your understanding that we cannot provide any further information about reasons for this rejection. Minder


- How did you hear about Graylog? - Why are you in the market for a new role? - Talk about your experience with CICD pipelines, AWS, Terraform, ansible, Kubernetes, etc...

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I discussed several pertinent examples for each piece of tech, highlighting pros, cons, challenges, and accomplishments. Minder

G Forces Web Management

One of the questions on the technical test was to dump and compress a database

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mysqldump -u user -p databasename | gzip > databasename.gz

Human Interest

How would you make a service horizontally scalable?

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I explained what you'd need to do to a service to make it scalable at any level, such as having it store information in a DB, contact another service, or use a messaging queue. He then asked me if I knew what horizontally scalable meant, and it seemed somewhat insulting. Not all services are horizontally scalable without some work, and I thought he was asking the question to see if I understood this. Instead the answer he was looking for was placing the boxes it was on in an ALB/NLB, which seemed overly simplified to me, and clearly something I understood if I understood how to edit and prepare the service for scaling. Plus, he specifically asked what I'd need to do to the service, not networking or architecture. I told him I understood the difference between ALBs and NLBs and when each should be used, but he didn't ask what it was so I assumed he didn't know himself. He also asked no further questions about monitoring around scaling, so I assume it's something he hasn't done much. Minder


Mostly about you on HR and languages.

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Just being honest.


Hablamos sobre tecnología en español, y luego cambiamos a inglés.

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Que tipos de pregunta te hicieron?

Deutsche Telekom

HR/Management: what are my expectations, what kind of experience I have, etc. Engineer: all questions were directed at my knowledge about the technologies used in Azure, eg. networking, servers, etc.

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I could answer the questions based on my studies, work experience, all information is accessible online, in books, etc. Minder


Showed some code and asked what was wrong with it. They did provide guidance on what they were looking for.

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Syntax errors, best code practices

HCL Technologies

Azure Cloud Environment and support related/

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Last 2 years implementations discussed.


A million and one items in an array. you have one extra (million and one) what algorithm would you use to get that one element?

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I could use a loop to and stop at one million, but this is terribly in-efficient. Or, I could just randomly pick one element and be done with it. There is an algorithm to do this though, and I would have to look it up. I don't know the algorithm off the top of my head. Minder

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