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Er werd een Senior Customer Success Manager gevraagd...26 juni 2020

The last section of the onsite is a presentation where you, the interviewee, choose any topic you want to teach them about.

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I picked a topic I felt like could be unique and interesting, and something where there was easy to find facts about the influence of what they were learning- how much money would be at stake, how many people would be experiencing the work, etc. They ask that you teach it in a "technical" way, which I interpret as giving a full understanding of end to end execution. Minder

Hey, Choosing any topic of your choice and then presenting is clear but I am not so sure about the technical aspects that you bring out for the topic. Can you be a bit more specific about the questions asked? Minder

Carbon Black

Why I wanted to leave my current role?

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I explained that my current situation had not ruled out to be the right role for me and I was interested in getting back into customer type role in cyber security space. Minder

Learning Without Tears

Are you free for a call next week?

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Not without knowing the salary range up front.


What experience have you had that qualifies you for the position? Critiqued on presentation.

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Felt good about all 4 interviews. After 4th interview, received a one sentence email stating that company wasn't interested in me for the role. Very strange and unprofessional since I invested a lot of time and wasn't given the courtesy of feedback. I requested feedback after the fact and no response. Minder


Which Star Wars or Marvel character do most closely relate to?

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Beats me, I don't watch those movies. But, I like Spiderman and if I was forced to I would look at CS through the lenses of Spiderman. Like Spiderman, a good CS team is required to move quickly, bounce from topic to topic,(or, customer to customer) and execute efficiently. Minder

Guru Technologies

Describe a time when you handled a difficult customer situation.

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I shared a couple of examples from my experience and summarized my approach to handling these inevitable situations that arise when managing customer relationships. Minder


What have you worked for the hardest in your life?

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I answered that it was my Masters degree and explained why.


What are some important KPIs in SaaS and how do you achieve them.

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Churn, retention, CSAT and then describe my approach.


How would you handle working with others in the team who applied for this position but did not get the role?

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Be mindful and respectful of this fact. Treat them with respect and lead by example by doing the job to the best of my abilities. Minder


The on-site is comprised of four sections they prep you for. The first is to see how you handle a book of business, and standard success tasks/common scenarios.

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This felt very conversational and not like an interrogation, which some interviews can feel like. Here, I shared my experience, and ways I had worked with customers to achieve their goals with the products I had been supporting in the past. Minder

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