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Er werd een Senior Data Engineer gevraagd...23 maart 2023

Questions were related to Spark, Hadoop, Hive, SQL and Python


What data tools do you use often?


Explain the projects from resume


Tell me about yourself and why you applied to this position.


Why did you want to leave your previous company? What did you do in your role?

Lowe's Home Improvement

It will be very theoretical and detailed oriented. I got a feeling I was answering for a VIVA. Your answer SHOULD match theirs. So, best of luck!

Optimum InfoSystem

unix shell scripting commands to find the status of current process and how to kill that process and how to insert a word into file in one line command


Data Engineering, Spark, and SQL related questions.


A developer on the team was running the following line in a function for logging purposes, and the job crashed with an "out of memory" exception. The developer says that the cluster has many workers with a lot of memory and disk and still the job crashes. Can you help explain how come to this line makes the job crash with OOM even though the cluster is huge? def someFunc(): for row in df.collect(): print(f'Customerr{row["customer"]} => Paid {row["price"]}')


Our developer had to join the results with a dimensional table of categories. The join works, but its a bit slow, see if you can understand why and whether it can run faster

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