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Er werd een Senior Data Engineer/Senior SQL Database Administrator gevraagd...10 maart 2023

Mainly how you would be effective as Data Engineer

Persistent Systems

In-memory tables usage? Read replica configuration?

Peloton Interactive

general interview questions related to AWS


After HR review, HR passed on some questions from tech team. 40% of these were not kind of things to be memorized. Afterwards a tech task is arrived. It was of general database normalization and index optimization tasks. There was also a partitioning task.

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Judging from index optimization task, I assumed all indexes should be generated based on the queries to handle. However it was expected to index all other tables based on nothing. Partitioning task had some rules to follow. Those rules combined did not allow to do the required partition. I explained the situation thoroughly. I guess they did not read the explanations. Or worse, those to evaluate did not know those facts. Minder


Technical interview : parse formatting of 5 log messages and identify templates

BNY Mellon

Behavioral questions mostly in Bar raiser.


Mainly about work experience and typical DB development questions (transactions, indexes, partitioning, etc.)


Star related practical situation solved in the past


All related to the profile Optimization procs complex queries partition by and all

Morgan Stanley

what is your goal in 5 years

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I hope I can improve myself and get advanced.

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