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Hitachi Vantara
Er werd een Senior Database Administrator gevraagd...28 februari 2018

They will definitely ask you about your accomplishment in your previous organisation

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You can share your experience and share what you learned form it

they will bluff about internal aspects. be careful


Q1. What will be your approach when you are reported that someone has deleted a table from production?

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Ans. I provided him two approach to handle this situation , but I guess he was not knowing about any of them and that was clear from his follow-on question . When I gave him more detail as how it works he became furious and asked me how will you be doing if Table is 6Tb , and this time it was my turn to give a pity smile . Minder

When some non sense interviewer keep bombarding useless question we cannot expect any chance of hiring. If it's a telephonic interview its better to switch off the phone right there Minder

Moka (Indonesia)

What are you gonna do if you hired?

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Saya akan bekerja dengan sungguh-sungguh

Fix up database management


How would you work with a client that has a performance problem and it is impacting the production but you cannot see any query running long in database.

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I had to specify some tools and answer the process as DBA uses to identify database or OS problems. Included variables, statuses values, Linux tools but I missed some small things that were OK at the point because I was able to explain other ways to reach the same information. Minder

by using error-log we i can identify problem


In a dataguard environment, say the primary database is having network issues and you failover to the standby database. Now the standby has become the new primary. Now if network issues were resolved on the old primary, how do you restore it and make it a physical standby ?

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There seems to be a new Oracle 11g feature called RESUME which can achieve this. I also think that it can be done using flashback. Minder

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the StubHub or ex-StubHub Senior Oracle Database Administrator experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Minder

me diga 3 qualidades" ou "me diga 3 defeitos".

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Qual é a sua experiência na linguagem tal ou no processo X

Summit Technologies

Describe your experience as a DBA.

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Gave examples.

Enormous Group

what is your previous project experience .

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i have summarized all my experiences.


Index tipping

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Only wanted to hear how Kimberly Tripp would answer it

Southwestern Energy

How would you define the hardware requirements for installing EBS 12.1

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Minimum of 4 CPU's and 32GB of ram for the db server Minimum of 4 CPU's and 16GB of ram for an application tier Minimum of 2 application tiers to separate the web/forms/reports tiers from the Concurrent manager Minder

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