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Er werd een Senior DevOps Engineer gevraagd...28 november 2022

Interviewer didn't listened properly and made assumptions on the knowledge.


How many bytes are there in a MAC address? Could you name two of the layers in TCP/IP? What's the protocol used to implement ping? What protocols do traceroute use? Should you run services in screen/tmux? How many bytes is 0xFFFFFFFF?


Process regarding Devops & Infrastructure as Code

Dun & Bradstreet

What sort of team dynamic to you prefer?

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I enjoy working on collaborative teams.


As tu déjà été dans une situation de difficulté ?

Breakwater Technology

Questions about the system's infrastructure I built in the past - how was it built, monitored, and scaled?

the LEGO Group

Why I want to work for LEGO.

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My Values were aligned with the overall mindset of the founder.


Helm charts, service types, Jenkins pipelines


Why are you not a Software Engineer anymore but a DevOps Engineer?


Mix of technical and general background

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