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Cohere Technologies
Er werd een Embedded Platform Senior Software Engineer gevraagd...13 mei 2015

“You have all of the prices for a given stock for the next year. You can buy once and sell once in that year. How do you determine when to buy and sell to maximize your profit?”

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That answer does not work if the lowest price occurs _after_ the highest price. You have to evaluate the difference in price for each combination of days and find out which one results in the highest gain. You always assume that for whichever day you buy, the sell date will be _after_ that date. So you compare day 1 with days 2-365 and find the max gain for those combinations. Then you do the same for a buy on day 2, 3...etc. You'll end up with 364 max value date pairs. Now sort for the highest and use that combination for your best gain. Too bad it doesn't work that way in real life :) Minder

Buy when its at the lowest and sell when its at the highest.


Mirafra Technologies

solve following program void main(){ int x =10; { int y =20; } pfintf('x=%d,y = %d',x. y); }

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compilation error. undefined variable y,

error. "x.y" it should be comma after x.



Using C code write a routine to find a 32 bit frame start sequence in a raw byte stream buffer.

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Wrote code to perform the task taking care to understand byte alignment issues.

Let buf be the buffer, BUF_SIZE be it's size, ref_frame be the reference frame int i = 0, j = 0; while(i Minder


Using C++ code, write a linked list insertion method.

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Wrote code to perform the task

CNH Industrial

They were interviewing using my resume. The technical lead also asked count the number of set bits in a word. He also asked about different scheduling algorithms for the OS. That was difficult for me since I had not done a whole lot of memorizing about theory.

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Depending on the architecture, x86 has 32 bit words, x64 64 bits. A few job scheduling algorithms are First in First out, Shortest Job First, and Round Robin. Minder


The system design question was way out of my league, I am an interviewing for an embedded engineering position, instead I was asked to design a distributed network-based system. None of that applies to my domain and none of my experience helps me answer that question.

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The system design interview was all over the place, I can't believe I was asked to design a system without being given any constraints, goals and limited resources. I have no idea how I did on this, probably very poorly. Minder

Cadence Design Systems

What you see yourself in 5 years, do you want to move up to the manager position.

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I did not prepare for this question.


Questions were not worth to be shared.. Just ignore

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tell plz


- What criteria would you use when choosing an MCU for a project? - What means of saving power in an MCU-controlled board do you know? - Draw a block diagram of an MCU. What's MPU is for. What's the difference between MPU and MMU. - What happens after power up and before main() is entered, what has to be done? - Write an in-memory string reversal function (byte-wise and word-wise). - Describe how would you write a program that transfers bytes from UART to Ethernet (UDP) and blinks a LED, provided there are some API functions. - What API would you create for working with a DMA controller? - What is 'undefined behavior' in terms of C language standard. - What for is the 'volatile' keyword. - What is your best trait? - What are your 5 worst traits? - Why do you want to work for ARM? - Why you are the one? - If you don't agree with your immediate boss on some technical decision, how would you address that? - Have you ever shouted at anyone at work? Some other questions as well, don't remember them all.

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sounds like a shiity place with a lot of shouting at each other.

About metering,communication protocols,DLMS

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I have 10 years of experience in metering so no problem for me

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