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Er werd een Senior Enterprise Architect gevraagd...30 juli 2013

The standard and probably unexpected good question would be how you can contribute to HCL? What kind of role you want HCL to provide to you? hCL being a very flexible company would want you to come with an understanding of how YOU want to affect HCL. So you better go with some prep.

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Addressed some technical areas where HCL can get in to and how I can convince the customer of the expertise, and I can identify the chunks of work that can be outsourced to HCL etc. Minder


What would you do when "best practices" say do something one way, but business factors drive things differently?

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Explain the stakeholders the benefits of best practices. If something is really urgent, get it done to get the business unblocked. But ensure that it is corrected for the best practices after that. Everyone wins. Minder

Kaiser Permanente

Q: Kaiser is an unique environment with distinctly adverse business challenges and climate. Can you tell us how you would respond to a [random situation context] occurring and what approach you would use to resolve it and be effective at your role ?

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Seriously ??? This is supposed to be attractive ?


Complete a 180 minute coding challenge

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I refused. I don't even know what the position would entail exactly.


1. Why Salesforce?

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Salesforce is #1 Customer Success platform and growing. It is focused on customers and involves the community in evolving the platform with innovations such as Einstein and IoT. It has a strong company culture, captured by the term Ohana, and core values of trust, equality, innovation and customer success. Minder

San Antonio Water System

Experience with enterprise architecture and cloud platforms

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Discuss my experience

University of Texas at San Antonio

SQL Database Admin question about monitoring servers.

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The best of my knowledge and honestly

DOCOMO Digital

Reserved, it’s policy.And I completely agree.

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I’m in and really happy of a great human capital.


Give me a value proposition for cloud computing.

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The positive value proposition relates to the speed of innovation. If some process prototyping or technology prototyping needs to occur, and the possibility of doing so is constrained by environment/hardware availability, Cloud Computing can be of immense assistance. While procuring Virtual Machines, Messaging Frameworks and Storage is particularly convenient, it is possible to do the same for Platforms from the vendors of those platforms. Of if one is involved with something associated with significant intellectual property, there is an inherent risk. Even then if there may be circumstances where the sheer convenience in innovation can sway towards the acceptance of that risk. Where the Cloud value proposition requires much more closer examination is when the latter involves off-loading of Core Business-Operational streams. I should state here that these remarks DO NOT apply to Private Cloud environments, that may well offer the flexibility of the public or community cloud with the absence of the monitory impost. That said, if any organisation requires significant expansion of their On-premise Data-Centre footprint in order to accommodate a new or enhancing Business-Operation, the negative value proposition should be considered from the view points of Monetary, Security and Data-Sovereignty, if that applies. Minder


2. What are the key responsibilities of an enterprise architect?

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End to End Architecture; guiding solution architecture; developing design patterns Architecture Reviews - identifying reuse opportunities, manage technical debt Monitoring emerging technologies, industry trends and their applicability to the enterprise Capability roadmaps and heatmaps Drive/Foster Innovation Influencing Strategic Planning Minder

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