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Quantum Business Advisory
Er werd een Senior ETL Developer gevraagd...23 augustus 2023

Give an example of an automation work you have done.


how to work with etl pipeline explain spark context difference bw dataset and data frame hive optimization

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you can google easily


About primary technology projects worked and challenges.

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As best of my knowledge and technical coding which helps me to replied in this process of 3 rounds. Minder


What's DDL and DML :') (yah, for a 9 year experienced candidate)


Few SQL questions, questions ADF, SSIS

Blink Technology Partners

From 1 to 10, how would you rate your skillsets


details experience skills location notice period

Infinite Computer Solutions

Why do I want to join this company if already I have an offer in hand. Can I commute to office two days a week.

Aspire NXT

analytical query building

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